B2000 – Kodak Industrex B2000 Processor

The Kodak Industrex B2000 was designed with the same proven roller transport system as the Model B.   With electronic controls it delivers quick, variable- speed processing and operative ease.   With advanced features that save energy, water, and operating cost.   Built on the same frame design as the Model B, and using the same power, drain and ventilation requirements, the B2000 easily fits into the same slot.

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Choice Of Processing Cycles

Simply turn a dial to make your choice of three pre-set processing cycles: (See table below.)
When a cycle is selected, solution temperatures adjust automatically. Cycles can be set and reset as needed for special applications, or to keep pace with technological advances.
Cycle temperature settings can also be modified to maximize performance for special needs.

12 Minute – 27.2C or 81.5F
10 Minute – 28.6C or 84.5F
8   Minute – 30.0C 0r 86.0F

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