Hydra ADE24/TX Pump

Complete Automatic Anti-algae pump system for all processors. Eliminates algae from processor wash tanks.

The Hydra ADE24/TX Pump is easy to fit and maintenance free.  Virtually lasts for years.  Stop expensive processor downtime and remove algae, bio-film and slime from your processor wash tank and eliminate re-growth.   Keep your wash tank crystal clean.  Ensure your finished work is clean and free of marks and blemishes.   This pump is compatible with all makes and models of processors and should be used in conjunction with the Hydra Algae Fee/AD.

How does it Work??

The Hydra ADE24/TX Pump is comprised of a compact pump which is connected to the processor water supply that feeds the wash tanks and the water solenoid.  When the solenoid opens to allow fresh water into the tank the pump automatically injects Algae Free AD into the water source therefore allowing treated water to circulate throughout the tanks and pipes and keep the water clean and free of algae.  The system only operates during water change and turns off when the processor is not operating.  The Hydra ADE24/TX is extremely efficient and cost effective.

Hydra Algae-Free/ADE24/TX

Hydra’s ADE24/TX dosing system + Algae Free/AD

Proven success for over 15 years, the ADE24/TX is fitted to all makes and types of NDT processors throughout the industry.

Automatically keeps processor wash water, tanks, overflows and drains crystal clear and free running.  Stops lengthy, expensive downtime.  Promotes clean, unblemished film.

The compact ADE24/TX system is easy to self-fit, with a down time to your processor of less than 30 minutes.

Hydra Algae Free Additive:  For use through the ADE24/TX System:  Hydra Algae Free is a specialized blend of cleaning agents.  Formulated to keep wash/rinse water sparkling clean 24/7.  Algae Free is highly concentrated, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, bio-degradable and safe on all radiographs and processing equipment.

Stop Expensive Downtime–How the ADE24/TX Algae Free Dosing System Works…Hydra Algae Free is injected at source.  The system adds a few drops of Algae Free directly into the water feeding the wash tank.  This keeps the entire was water supply, overflows and pipe-work crystal clean and radiographs clean and blemish free.

Hydra’s ADE24/TX system is only activated during the wash cycle and is on stand by when the processor is idle, between wash cycles and when the processor shuts down.  This ensures that the system is not only efficient, but extremely cost effective.

NOTE:  If the processor does not have a water solenoid or uses excessive water, a simple plug-in timer can be used to regulate the Algae Free/AD solution.  Please contact us if you have questions about this.

Efficient, Fast Acting, Cost Effective Complete System:  Hydra’s ADE24/TX Fully Automatic Dosing System comes complete with 4 5-liter bottles of Algae Free/AD, full fittings and wall bracket for solution.

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