The Processor designed with both maintenance and production taken into consideration


It is built on a proven frame design, the Kodak Model B and B2000.
This allows the IXFP-100 to fit into existing Kodak Model B or B2000 opening without modification to the opening.
The frame is all stainless steel construction.

Transport Speed

Film thru put that meets Pratt-Whitney minimum developer emersion time of 100 seconds.
A true variable speed processor. It can be adjusted to any speed with the touch of a button
Leading edge into the processor to leading edge out of the dryer; 6:30 seconds.
This makes the IXFP-100 the fastest processor on the market, which still meets Pratt-Whitney’s 100 second immersion time requirements.

No drive chains or drive belts to adjust and replace reducing cost and maintenance.

There are no main drive chains
There are no rack chains
No dryer drive belt

There are no turn around rollers to adjust or clean in the deep racks.

The turn-arounds have been designed to eliminate any adjustments.

The Developer/Fixer/Wash Racks are completely below the chemical level.

This eliminates oxidation build up on the racks.
Reduces the amount of cleaning and down time.
Eliminates the need to run “Clean-up Film” before use, again saving time and money.

Crossovers do not require daily cleaning.

Rollers are rinsed in fresh water constantly, thus reducing cleaning periods.

Incoming water temperature is not a concern as with most processors.

In coming water is only used to rinse the film and crossovers.
It is not used to control or maintain developer temperature.

Built-in Chiller

Developer temperature is maintained with a closed loop chilled water system.
Developer temperature is maintained to +/- .02ºC
Water flow rate is .75gpm during processing.

Digital Display Keypad Controllers on Both Ends of the Processor.

All setting on this processor are done through Digital Key Pads.

This allows operators in both the darkroom and the light side to not only see, but to adjust the following parameters.
Developer Temperature, Dryer Temperature, Speed, Replenishment Rate for Fixer and Developer,

The IXFP – 100 is designed to be installed on either end, on either side of the darkroom opening.

This eliminates the need for extra plumbing, and electrical connections.
Drains, Power, Incoming Water and Venting can be switched to either end of the Processor, this is done internally.

Replenishment Rates are controlled automatically using an Area Accumulation system.

This prevents over replenishing of Fixer and Developer for small size films.
Insures more uniform density.
Reduces the amount of chemistry used.
Reduces waste stream flow.
Reduces the amount of Fixer that has to be managed for silver recovery.

Built In Standby

Through the Key Pad, you can adjust the amount of time and the interval that the Processor goes In/Out of Stand-By.
When the processor is in standby the water stops flowing, reducing water consumption.
The dryer and main drive shut down to save energy.

The IXFP – 100 is designed to operate with a Kodak, Agfa, or Fuji Auto Film Feeder.

This allows you to keep your current feeder, saving thousands of dollars in replacement cost and parts.

Lift Out Dryer Assembly.

The vertical dryer assembly associated with other processors has been eliminated.
The dryer lifts out for maintenance and cleaning.

The Squeegee Crossover from the wash rack to the dryer has been eliminated.

The IXFP-100 is manufactured in the USA
This processor was not manufactured with the least expensive components; but with components that have been tried and tested for years in the processor industry. All our pumps, motors and heaters are made in the USA. For the most part, these are off the shelf parts.

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