MaintNorMont NDT offers on-site service of  your Kodak, Fuji or Agfa processors and film feeders.  
We offer both emergency repair and quarterly service contracts.

Scheduled maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

* Cleaning and adjustment of the roller transport system from the entrance crossover to and including the dryer system.

* Verify and Adjust Voltages as required

* Verify and Adjust Transport Speeds

* Verify and Adjust Developer/Fixer Replenishment Rates

* Verify and Adjust Developer Temperature

* Verify and Adjust Developer Temperature display meter to Developer Tank temperature

* Oil and/or grease all motors, chains, bearings and bushings as required

* Check all fittings for leaks

* Check all tubing for leaks and cracks, replace as required

* Clean the developer, fixer, wash and dryer systems

* Replace developer and fixer solutions as required

* Developer filter is cleaned and/or replaced

* Clean the interior and exterior of cabinet

* Your scheduled quarterly preventative maintenance lets you be proactive in providing quality radiographs and not reactive when your processor goes down.

To see what service we can provide to you, please contact NorMont NDT at  406-293-9201 or email

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